Vehicle eligibility amendments Jan 2009.

After much deliberation, discussion, debate and advice seeking, the committee has approved the following amendments which will take immediate effect. The main aims of the amendments were to keep things simple, keep costs down, keep cars competing, to minimise maintenance requirements and to simplify and streamline the scrutineering process. The changes are:

Gearboxes: Gearboxes up to a maximum of 5 speeds are permitted as long as they are from the same manufacturer as the vehicle and are able to be fitted without any body modifications with the exception of the gearshift hole.

Engines: The original cylinder head and block must be used. This makes it easier for eligibility/scrutineering and will avoid strip downs etc if there are problems/protests.

Historic rally car Categories: There will now be only one (1) Category of HRC vehicle with 3 cut off dates matching the existing Category cut off dates and the existing Category 1 rules apply to all HRC vehicles. This will allow intake modifications to Category 2 & 3 vehicles ie: Pre 68, 68-75, 76-80, & PRC.  No capacity classes unless event directors specify such in the Supp Regs.

CAMS rules and discrepancies: There are discrepancies between what were HRA rules and the CAMS rules that we now use. These are being investigated. In particular there is a change to differential freedoms that needs to be clarified.

Note: We will need to document these changes in event Supplementary Regulations sent to CAMS if we want them to be used this year. We can approach CAMS about the changes by putting a submission to CAMS/ARCOM during the year so that they are included in the 2010 manual.