Tayell Automotive Number 9 Trial


The Number 9 Trial - proudly supported by Tayell Automotive.

The Number 9 Trial will be held on Saturday the 30th May as round 3 of the 2009 HRA Rally Championship. It will be conducted as a Multi-Club Touring Road Event and will be based in the township of Dunolly and held throughout the surrounding box-ironbark forests of the Goldfields Region of Central Victoria.

The trial is 100% navigational using maps supplied by the organisers which will have all Controls pre-plotted as well as most Via points. Maps may also contain distances, hazards and other information added to make navigation a little easier.
Navigational requirements will vary throughout the event, but will generally be straightforward with some parts being a little more demanding depending on the particular area of forest. Route instructions will be presented in a variety of methods and will draw on skills learned at the Navigation Schools being run early in the year. Novice crews will also be given a chance to view the correctly plotted course shortly before the start.
The event is open to all competitors from CAMS affiliated clubs. Eligible vehicles will include all HRA categories, Classic Rally Cars and any PRC car of any age.
Competitors will require a minimum Level 2NS licence or superior.
There will be liberal use of Wrong Way Go Back boards, arrows and bunting to protect competitors and residents living near the rally route.
The event will be conducted in one division and will consist of approximately 120 kms of forest competitive stages, 35 km of touring and approximately 70km of transport sections.
There will be one service area at which pump fuel will be available – ULP, LPG and Diesel.
Enquiries to Dave Smith on 9885-4074 or number9trial@hra.org.au

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