ARCOM survey for PRC category - Important for PRC future!

As part of its review of the Production Rally Car regulations, the Australian Rally Commission (ARCom) will survey CAMS members for their views on how the regulations for this important rally category will be formed in the future.
Every rally competitor is encouraged to complete the survey so that the full body of opinion can be considered when designing the future structure of the category.
ARCom is currently considering a number of guiding principles, these include:
- the regulations should protect the participation of existing competitors;
- the regulations should allow new participants to be fostered;
- the regulations must allow opportunity for complying cars to be encompassed by the various
rally registration schemes which are either in place or being worked on;
- the regulations must produce a car which meets community expectations; and
- the regulations should provide a reasonable level of cost containment.
If you are interested in completing the survey (and all PRC competitors should be) please go to: 

The link to the survey is at the CAMS site and it only takes a couple of minutes to complete.