HRA Touring Championship – July 26th 2009 – Midwinter Skatta.

Peter Otzen will be organising a scatter for Sunday July 26th, as the next round of the Touring Championship.
The 2006 and 2007 Tunbridge Trial were run in this format, but for those unfamiliar with this type of event here is a brief description.
The events start and finish at the same place – beside a barbecue of course.
Crews are presented with a list of 50 or more via points, each with an information to be gathered there. They then have to decide which route they will take to collect as many of the informations as they can without exceeding the generous time limit of approx. 5 hours, nor tracing out a route of more than a prescribed distance – perhaps 150 km.
Increasingly large penalties apply for exceeding these limits.
The distance covered will be deemed the sum of the map distances between the vias visited, in the order claimed. Some form of scaling will be used in the case where a section of road on the map has no length stated.
In the Tunbridge trials, ALL vias were pre-plotted on the supplied maps. For this event it is planned to only pre-plot the vias attracting minimum points, with the crews left to locate the “big points” and be tempted to visit them.
Everyone will receive their instructions at 10:00 am, though very few will leave start straight away!  Peter and his team hope to see as many members as possible on the day.


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