Trailblazer run and won!

The first round of the HRA championship was run on Saturday and thanks to Rob Cranston and his team for organising a day Tour x 2 and the evening Trial. Unofficial winners of the Tour were Mark and Melissa Laidlay with zero points lost, equal second was Graham Wallis and Phil Nicholas, Justin Palmer and Stuart Snooks, Peter Otzen and Paul Franklin, Jeff Stewart and Geoff Boyd, Alan Upton and Christine Scorer, Derrick White and Dave Smith and Rob and Pam Knight all with 10 points lost.

Tour 2 was won by 2 crews: Graham Wallis and Phil Nicholas and Derrick White and Dave Smith.

The night Trial was won by Graham Wallis and Phil Nicholas with Derrick White and Dave Smith coming home second with Rob Dyer and Jenny Pollock 3rd in what can only be described as horrificly dusty conditions that tested all crews (and pleny of navigators stomachs!)