Report - VCRS round 1 - Rally Bonnie Doon.

The NECC ran the first round of the VCRS on Saturday during daylight hours in the picturesque and serene township of Bonnie Doon. 60 entrants lined up to what proved to be a fantastic event full of interest and competitive spirit. The HRA had 21 members compete in the event (not all under the HRA banner - due to over subscription) and Carl Stewart in his Datsun 1600 was the highest placed HRA member coming home second behind  the Subaru WRX of Nathan Reeves. Other members not so lucky on the day were Geoff Portman and Stuart Snooks who had diff problems in the Commodore. Darren Snooks and Matt De Vaus were traveling very well in the grunter Stanza (after a rebuild) but succumbed to brake problems. Brian Shand and Dave McAdam were very lucky not to roll the ex Officer ARC winning Starion on the very first stage after climbing the bank on a very very fast right hander. (See youtube for the action!) The Cuttle's had diff problems in the Commodore - which is normally bullet proof. Michael Long and Vaughan Haskett broke the steering on the ex Gil Davis 180B SSS and ended up hitting the bank and doing some more slight damage - just for good measure!. Rowan Woollard overshot a right hander and ended up in a deep gutter only to blow the diff whilst trying to reverse out! Peter Riseborough and Kaye Kilsby had Dizzy problems in the ex Snooks Stanza and the most disappointing story of the day has to go to Ted and Joel Perkins in their Ford Cortina. They unfortunately did a head gasket even before the start of the event on the Sat morning and were unable to start. As per usual though Ted and Joel kept smiling and enjoyed the day helping others.

Other HRA crews - Ian and Sarah Curry had a great day bringing home their Datsun 1600 in 18th position (after starting car 40) and Tony and Stephanie Huggins were delighted with their 22nd final placing. The Reynolds Datsun 610 finished 26th and Tim was finally seen with a smile on his face! Matt Fenner and Stuart Blegg finished 6th in Matts Evo (one of those 4wd Turbo things) after Matt suffered car sickness for most of the day. And a special mention must go to Rowan Woollard and Chris Bolton who finished an amazing 10th outright in the Datsun 1600. Rowan always tries to drive the wheels off it and this time they were able to keep it on the road for a fantastic placing.

This was the HRA's first event as a member of the VCRS and with so many club members participating not only as competitors but as officials and as service crews, it is great to see that the HRA have embraced the association with the VCRS. The next round is the Nissan Nightmoves Trial to be run on the evening of Saturday June 13 in the Bendigo, Heathcote, Rushworth area. The NCCA is the promoter and supp regs will be available shortly on the vicrally website.

For some spectacular pictures of Rally Bonnie Doon go to our galleries page or click HERE.