Sunday Nav Run - May 24.

Practical Navigation lesson and BBQ.

WHEN: Sunday 24th May
WHERE: East Malvern RSL carpark BBQ area.
TIME: Route instructions available from 9.00am. 
            1st car leaves at 10.00am for about a 1 hour drive.

A pleasant Sunday morning for all beginners, this event will introduce new navigators and drivers to the mysteries of rally navigation.
We have designed the course to take in most of the different types of instructions you will encounter in Trials, TRE’s and Touring Assemblies.

It is not difficult and you can’t get lost – just temporarily displaced on the map!!! You will learn to enjoy the challenge and achievements of navigating and drivers will learn how to work together with their navigator. Remember that Rallying is very much a team sport.

There is no time limit (although if you are too late you might miss lunch) and it is confined to a relatively small area with no main roads.

This is an ideal lead up to the "Number Nine Trial" being held the next weekend.

Experienced Navigators will be on hand at the start to assist with plotting and for post event explanations.

Vehicle trip meters will be quite adequate for the lesson however you may wish to use the exercise to familiarise yourselves with the use of a Terratrip or Halda.
You will need a compass (handheld is fine) and map plotting equipment...a map board or clipboard, ruler, pencils, eraser etc.
Maps and a Scaled Roamer will be supplied.

Please note that as this is an official HRA calendered event it is acceptable to run “CH” plated vehicles.

Entry will be $5.00 per vehicle.

There will be a BYO BBQ after the event.

Any queries to Rob details in HRA Magazine