Just Another Day.

Just Another Day continues in the finest tradition of The Shortest Day, it is just another Shortest Day, just slightly longer, however the roads that the survey party have found makes it all worth while for both driver and navigator.

Commencing very close to Melbourne, the survey party will head into the previous un-explored nether regions of the South West.

All past, present & new members of INCRAP are called to arms in this novel event. One of the objectives will be to not only to follow the correct route, but also to solve and find the double triangulation. Any crews finding the nearly symmetrical double triangulation will be rewarded by driving down the common road in victory parade fashion provided by the locals into a control for bonus points!

Open to all HRA members, a tour commencing after the departure of the last competitive car enables HRA members, friends & family or single (drivers only) to participate in the INCRAP experience!.

Looking forward to your entry, whether it's for the competitive or tour. You can email me @ jad@hra.org.au for further details, watch the HRA Web Site, this web page or watch the HRA egroup for further announcements.