Just Another Day Touring Assembly update.

Two weeks ago the INCRAP survey party re-convened minus Mr.BBQ (who was flying the HRA flag at the WRC, so it was led to be believed) for another search & destroy mission into the mystery of the re-appearance of the Toolern Triangle(S).
Yes, it was observed that there where in fact 2 of them, somehow transplanting itself from Toolern Vale to a location along the planned route.
It was great gusto that survey party also confirmed the mis-alignment of many mapped roads, oddly many great drivers roads where found as mapped, twisty as Mr. Broadbent had plotted them many years ago. How this has come to be, it is not known at this stage?

Fuel locations have been noted for inclusion in the route instructions with the finish location now booked, the promise of a warm and comfortable finish serving the hungry INCRAP expeditioners with a carefully selection of hot and cold finger food at the conclusion promises to be a very social able conclusion to the day's activities.

As previously noted, a separate HRA Tour open to HRA members, family and supporters will be commence immediately after the departure of the last competitive car. Using simplified navigation, in the form of strip maps, it is open to any number of crew that can be legally accommodated in the vehicle of choice.
Yes, this also means that you can go solo, if you so desire or pile as many into a mini-van!
Entry to Tour component is modestly priced at $25 per head, which includes all maps, instructions and catering at the conclusion of the event, whilst Entry to the competitive is $70 per crew. Further details can be found in the supplementary regulations.

So come one, come all and be apart of the INCRAP revolution!.