2010 BP Ultimate Rally

2010 Old BP Rally, Yes it’s on again, and so soon!


6.00pm Thursday 6th of May until Sunday 9th of May 2010


Start in outer Eastern suburbs of Melbourne and assembly/trial stage to Gippsland, and then the Division One over the mountains at night into North east Victoria for breakfast
Division Two by day to a Friday night stopover at Swan Hill
Division Three venture west deep into the Mallee for the day
Division Four south to Ballarat for about a 3.00am Sunday finish.  


A Touring Road Event, similar to previous Ye Olde BP Rallies, particularly the 2008 event.  A huge variety of roads and tracks from the mountains to the Mallee.  It will require some endurance.  It will be hard on the drivers, less hard on the cars, and not too hard on the navigators that prepare themselves.  We will help the navigators prepare, as we want crews to experience as much of the course as possible.

A formal luncheon will be held on Sunday, after everyone has had a sleep, to celebrate finishing the 2008 event and also to celebrate 52 years of BP rallies in worthy fashion.


Because no one could wait five years, and it will be memorable, that is the guarantee.

Want to know more?

See updates on planning progress for the 2010 BP as they appear in the right sidebar .

Go to 2008 BP Ultimate Rally page to get a good idea of what to expect in 2010.  The concept and format is very similar…but different. You will find examples of Route Instructions and Maps on the 2008 page.

For a deeper appreciation of the rich history & philosophy behind the event and why it is an opportunity not to be missed, see right sidebar for Previous Runnalls Classics from back in the 80’s