Mid-Winter Skatta

2010  Mid-Winter Skatta

Sunday 6th June 2010

Round 3 of the 2010 HRA Touring Championship.

MID-WINTER COMES EARLY IN 2010. The Mid-Winter Skatta will be happening on June 6th this year.  Once again you get the opportunity to locate those old alignments without the pressure of following a correct route. All this and more as you try to out-think your competition while sharing a laugh with the director, when you find the correct information, as well.  The information is never difficult to find, that’s not part of the exercise.

Peter Otzen and Paul Franklin will be organising the Skatta this year and it will slip into the Sunday June 6th time slot, as the third round of the Touring Championship.  For those unfamiliar with this type of event here is a brief description.

The events start and finish at the same place – beside a barbecue or food house of course.

Crews are presented with a list of 50 or more via points, each with some information to be gathered there.  Crews then have to devise a route they will take to collect as many of the informations as they can without exceeding the generous time limit of approx. 5 hours, nor tracing out a route of more than a prescribed distance – perhaps 150 km.  Of course you don’t have to follow the route exactly.  It is often possible to take the “long way round” and avoid a section of low standard road on the map.  You will still be scored as if you took the short, grotty road though.

Increasingly large penalties apply for exceeding these time and distance limits.

The distance covered will be deemed the sum of the map distances between the vias visited, in the order claimed. Some form of scaling will be used in the case where a section of road on the map has no length stated.  All required maps are provided.

As was the case in 2009 event it is planned to only pre-plot the vias attracting minimal points, with the crews left to locate the “big points” and be tempted to visit them.  There will even be manned passage controls offering bonus points – though these will only be open for limited periods of time during the day.

Everyone receives their instructions and officially starts at the same time, though very few will leave the start within half an hour!

We hope to see many of you on the 6th; some of you on several occasions!!