Thomson Valley Rally

Introducing the …..2010

No, it isn’t the latest model of an obscure British sports car … it’s the Thomson Valley Rally !

To be run on the night of Saturday 7th August, the TVR 2010 is a compact, driver-oriented rally to be held in the foothills of the Great Diving Range in central Gippsland.

The event will be based out of the Toongabbie Recreation Reserve, using the excellent facilities of the Toongabbie Cricket Club.

The event comprises a loop of 4 Competitive sections (ranging from 6km to 30km in length) totalling 60km, with 50 km of Transport distance. All Competitive sections will be route charted and timed to the second.

After a service break back at Toongabbie, crews will then complete this loop of 4 sections for a second time, for a total event distance of 120km competitive & 100km transport.

The forest roads chosen for the event have been regularly used over the years for VRC events such as the Rally in the Valley, and although generally fast and smooth will certainly test the drivers’ skills to the limit. An ideal “shakedown” opportunity for competitors to test their cars for the Classic Outback Trial a couple of weeks later !

There will be a single Spectator Point (visted twice) approximately 25km drive from Toongabbie.

With the first car due to start at 6:00pm and finish around 10:00pm, the event is readily accessible - only 2 hours drive from Melbourne – but there is also plenty of accomodation available in nearby Traralgon and the possibility of camping at Toongabbie is being investigated.

An unfortunate calendar clash means that the TVR is on the same weekend as the Phillip Island 6 Hour Relay …. but on the bright side, it is only just over 2 hours from the island to Toongabbie – plenty of time to slot in a rally between practice on Saturday and the race on Sunday, for those that like a big weekend of motorsport !

Supplementary Regulations will be available from late May, with entries opening 1st June.

We will of course be needing a number of officials for the event, so if you aren’t planning to compete, please contact Peter Fraser on 0411 573 173 with your offers of assistance.

See you in the Thomson Valley on 7th August !

Dave Gallacher
Clerk of Course