Trailblazer 27th March

The Trailblazer concept of an innovative event carries on into 2010.
Once again this year a combination of Tour and TRE but with an added bonus....something for the drivers..!!
TRE regs are quite interesting in that directors can add different vehicle tests and that is what we have done in 2010.
We can't say too much other than that crews will need to bring helmets...we just might have some closed road blasts in an area not used for many years.
So come on girls and boys...lets get those entries in for a day and night of classic rallying.
Another Trailblazer 2010 bonus...those lovely ladies of the Heathcote Show Society are doing dinner for us cooking and its included in your entry fee..!!
Now....who said Heathcote was predominately a dry area.
Have a look at these pics...taken on the Course Check...unbelievable hailstones approaching Golf Ball size.
Flooded fields and was amazing.
Bring your Water Wings...just in case..!!
See you there.
Rob Cranston

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