The X Trial

The Tayell Automotive 2010 X-Trial

The Historic Rally Association will conduct The Tayell Automotive X-Trial on Saturday the 10th July as round 3 of the 2010 HRA Rally Championship. It will be conducted as a Multi-Club Touring Road Event and will be based in the township of Dunolly and held throughout the surrounding box-ironbark forests of the Goldfields Region of Central Victoria.

Teamwork will be the key to success - accurate navigating, precise driving and car reliability.

Navigational requirements will vary throughout the event, but will generally be straightforward with some parts being a little more demanding depending on the particular area of forest. A wide variety of driving surfaces, conditions and navigational challenges should reflect some of the features of historic rallying and the unique challenges goldfields forests have to offer. The event will run under the Touring Road Event format and organisers will continue to differentiate this style of event (Historic Navigational Trial) from modern forest racing. The trial is 100% navigational using maps for all competitive sections, achievable average speeds of around 60 km/h on forest sections.

The event is open to all competitors from CAMS affiliated clubs. Competitors will require a Level 2NS licence or superior. While it is not compulsory for competition vehicles to be fitted with rollover protection, it is highly recommended, as is the wearing of helmets on competitive forest sections which will mostly be conducted on gravel forest roads and tracks.

There will be liberal use of Wrong Way Go Back boards, arrows and bunting. Competitors who stray too far off the prescribed route will encounter some or all of these particularly where the directing team feel it necessary to protect competitors and residents living near the rally route. The event will be conducted in one division.

Watch the website for details.