Readyplan Rally Rerun - August 2011

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There will be another rerun organised by the HRA later this year, I have been planning this event for a while now but the wet weather has stalled the organisation and only recently did we get the chance to do some more work on it. We are working on the 31st of July for the start date at present, however continuing wet weather may result in postponement till later in the year.

The Readyplan Rally Rerun will be similar in style to the 2009 Repco Rerun, touring around the original route of the Readyplan Rally run by the RMIT Car Club in 1978 and special tests, which will include Speedway, Autocross and some short closed road Rally Sections. The event was sponsored by Readyplan Insurance.

The original event started at Kerang on Thursday night and went through to Renmark on Friday morning, from here it headed north to Coombah before returning to Mildura for a well earned overnight rest. On Saturday morning it headed to Pooncarie and Lake Mungo, then a long run down to Swan Hill. The final night consisted of a big loop to Manangatang and back to Swan Hill before heading for the competitive finish at daybreak on Sunday.

The winners were Geoff Portman and Ross Runnalls in an earler incarnation of the famous “Grunter” Datsun 1600. Ross will be entering the Readyplan Rally Rerun. Second place was the very interesting crew of Peter Brock and Noel Richards in a Dealer team Gemini with 2.2 litre Starfire engine! Peter was wired up so his body's reaction to the stress of the event could be measured and after the event Channel 10 ran a series of reports on the nightly news program.
As is usual in my Rerun events we won't be presenting such a daunting schedule, we will take 5 days and much of the route will be deleted, that's OK some of it is no longer available anyway!

The Readyplan Rally Rerun will start at Swan Hill on Sunday morning the 31st of July.
The HRA's Rich River Trial will run on Saturday afternoon and evening, this will finish at Kerang where those taking part in the Readyplan can head for Swan Hill for a sleep before the start at 0900. It is not compulsory to take part in the Rich River, some people have already said that they want to be in different crews and cars for the two events.
We may have a trophy for the best performance over the two events.

Present schedule is as follows:

Sunday 31st July Start at Swan Hill
Monday 1st August Overnight at Mildura
Tuesday 2nd August Overnight at Renmark
Wednesday 3rd August Overnight at Mildura
Thursday 4th August Overnight at Swan Hill
Friday 5th August Finish at Echuca.

Navigation on the original event was straightforward map reading, we plan to make it even more straightforward this time.

Any type of car will be eligible except for full on special stage rally cars, this will be at the director's discretion, and let's face it you really wouldn't want to drive one of these full house cars over any distance.
Get in touch if you have any queries re this.
You won't need rally equipment such as a roll cage, just basic equipment such as Extinguishers and First Aid Kit, take a look at the CAMS TRE regulations,

More information very soon.

Cheers, Graham