Readyplan Rally Rerun - Postponed

Hi all,
Sorry to have to send this so soon after sending the first newsletter.
I had hoped that the lull in rainfall would mean we could could get back to plan and organise the event.
Unfortunately we have had yet more rain and although it still might be possible to run the event on the planned date we can't guarantee this.
An event of this type is a major committment both to organise and to enter and without a fair degree of surety I think a lot of entrants may have decided not to risk the chance of it not going ahead.
Added to this the HRA has a very full program in 2011 including the Alpine Rally and the Ken Roddam in Tasmania. We thought it better to move into early 2012 which is a quieter year and hopefully the weather will be kinder.
On the bright side all of the property owners contacted so far have been very co-operative and the competition venues are also looking good.
Following a suggestion by an entrant we will allow both crew members to drive in the competition events. There will be a surcharge for this but there will be special awards for the best scoring co drivers.
The organising team won't be taking a break and we will update you with newsletters in the coming months.