Trailblazer - Provisional Results

Dear Competitors.
Please find attached the Trailblazer 2011 Provisional Results for Tour and TRE.

There is an obvious change in the top six places from the Unofficial Scores of the TRE as published by our Scorer Gary.

As the event Director I had no real other choice than to remove from the results the via "L" on Section 6 on the unmapped road. A physical check of the board carried out on the day after the event revealed that the board was still in the spot where it was placed on the afternoon prior however its holding metal stake had been bent rendering it unreadable to the majority of the passing field with dust and darkness making it even more difficult. Photographs were taken of the board on the Sunday morning and these are posted to the right along with the Provisional Results.

Listed below are the awards based on the Provisional Results.

1st Outright G. Wallis / N. Wright
2nd Outright D. Officer / K. Officer
3rd Outright A. Upton / M. Laidlay
1st Class A G. Wallis / N. Wright
1st Class B M. Ward / J. Rawson
1st Class C J. Ellis / C. Ellis
1st H68 G. Wallis/ N. Wright
2nd H68 A. Upton / M. Laidlay
1st H81 D. Officer / K. Officer
2nd H81 M. Conway / J. Cole
1st P81 D. White / D. Smith

Thank You.
Rob Cranston.