Trailblazer - Final Results

Dear competitors, we have pleasure in announcing the results for the 2011 Trailblazer as final.

Awards will be presented to the following;

Touring Assembly

Equal First;
Derrick White & Dave Smith (Grade A)
Michael Conway & Jenny Cole (Grade A)
Peter Otzen & Paul Franklin (Grade C)

First Grade B; Michael Ward & John Rawson


First Outright; Graham Wallis & Nick Wright, (1st Grade A, 1st H68)
Second; David & Kate Officer (2nd Grade A, 1st H81)
Third; Alan Upton & Mark Laidlay (3rd Grade A, 2nd H68)
First Grade B; Michael Ward & John Rawson
First Grade C; John & Chris Ellis
Second, Class H81; Michael Conway & Jenny Cole
First Class P81; Derrick White & Dave Smith

Other Awards (if any) at the Director's discretion.

Awards will be presented at the June Club Meeting.
If you cannot be present could you please arrange for someone to collect your award.

Tom Latta
Event Secretary