Emailing of the HRA Update via a Yahoo e-group

The HRA has set up and is implementing a special Yahoo e-group purely for the distribution of the 'HRA Update' which is produced every second month alternating with the Club Magazine, the 'HRA News'

Our membership secretary Kate Officer is currently sending out a second round of email invitations to members so that you may elect to join the "Update e-group mailing list" and recieve your Update via email rather than the old way "with a stamp".

The HRA update group; <hraupdate AT> is a different e-group to the long standing HRA e-group ; <HistoricRallyAssociation AT>
It was created for the sole purpose of distributing the Update by email (there are many ways we could have achieved this, a new e-group was one of the simplest). It helps us to get around the bulk email limits imposed by ISPs

It is set up as a 'one way' channel of communication only. It is only intended for distribution of the HRA Update once every 2 months.
You cannot send any messages to the 'update' group. If you reply to a message from the 'update' group it will only go to; <HRAupdate-owner AT>
The only reason you may want to send such a reply will be to eg; ask to be removed from the group.

If you aren't already a member of the "Update Group", you should await the invitation from; "HRAupdate moderator" with the e-mail address; <HRAupdate-owner AT> and in the subject line; "Yahoo! Groups: You’re invited! Join HRAupdate today"

You do not need to reply to this invitation email,

Please do not simply delete or junk the invitation when it arrives.If you decide to accept the invitation there are 2 options. To start off, you will need to click on the <Join this group> button/link contained in the e-mail.
You should then be taken to a Yahoo web page to confirm your “Invitation to join HRAupdate”,


1. For the simplest option, look down toward the bottom of the page and then click on the
<join the mailing list instead> link.
If successful, you should then see “Congratulations, you are now a member of the mailing list for the group HRAupdate”.


2. If you already have or would like a Yahoo membership, select the “Join the group” link, then either login, or create a Yahoo membership profile.

If you would prefer to be joined up at a diferent e-mail address to the one where you receive the invitation, please send an e-mail from your preferred address to Kate at; <membership AT> with “Join HRA update” in the subject line.

For those without an e-mail address, your Update will continue to be mailed with a stamp.