Mafeking Mayhem 10 Sep 2011


Mafeking Rover Park. This site has great parking for service crews, trailers etc. There are also full facilities on site.

(Mafeking is accessible via Yea, Seymour, and Euroa. The closest town is Caveat and the location of Mafeking is shown in most Melways (Map 609, R6 in Edition 29). Current edition (2009) and some other more recent editions now list Mafeking on map 910, not map 609. (Reference is still R6). Explicit instructions will be provided in Further Regulations.

Competitors may elect to do either the rallysprint, the tour or both. (see entry fees)

The event will start with a rallysprint held within the confines of the Mafeking Rover Park. It is expected (depending on weather conditions and number of entrants) to have at least 2 runs of two sections of about 2.5Km each with the first car starting at 11.00am

A sit down dinner will be provided for all competitors following the finish of the rallysprint. All others may purchase meals at the same time. Assorted snacks and drinks will be available for sale from 10.30am

The Tour will commence at approx 7.00pm and cover 150-200Km of (mainly good) shire roads in the area around Mafeking
The first car should finish the tour by 10.30pm

Their will be no provision for refueling on the tour so competitors may need to bring their own supplies. A refueling area will be set aside at Mafeking.

Official Scrutiny for the event will be conducted at the following venue:
Performance Exhaust,
49 New St,
Ringwood 3134
Ph (03) 98704977

Date Wednesday 7th September 2011
Times 6.00pm to 9.00 pm (Latest report time is 8.30 pm)

Entry fee for the RALLY SPRINT ONLY $150
Entry fee for the TOURING ASSEMBLY $80
Entry fee for BOTH SECTIONS $200