Rich River Revisited 2011 - Provisional Results

Thanks you all for entering what turned out to be a successful and enjoyable event. After the original events fell over due over due to the flooding of Perricoota and areas further north, the idea running a TRE in the style the HRA used to run was formed. I was keen to use some of the tests I had helped out on for the cancelled Carnival, especially the Milgates stages on which a fair amount of time was spent what with a NSW Sport and Rec permit and other things to attend to. Pity I didn't spend more time talking to the Rotary Park people! We haven't heard back so I guess any damage was inconsequental.

The other venues were all very happy particularly Elmore Event Centre, this is a great Motorkhana venue, and they are keen to put the facility to greater use.
I would like this opportunity to thank all those that helped out on the event, we had a good team in place and I look forward to working with you on the ReadyPlan Rerun. The presentation of awards will take place at the October meeting of the HRA.

With regard to via 5 on the Echuca to Mooroopna Division, a lengthy discussion has taken place between the Clerk of Course, Checker and Steward and with the aid of a high resolution aerial photograph the Steward has ruled that the mapped road alignment passes over the bridge and not the ford.

The following features were used to come to this decision.
1. The physical bend leading to the bridge coincides with the mapped distance from the previous right hand corner on the approach to the via point. The road to the ford comes up too soon in both cases.
2. The bend leading to the bridge is mapped as a sweeper, the turn off to the ford is a distinct right angle.
3. The road crossing the ford clearly bends from NNE to almost E before making a left hand deviation back onto the main NNE alignment. This is very apparent on the ground and is the main feature that I expected competitors to use when making their choice.
4.The physical length of the road across the ford measures approx' 175m before a definite left turn to rejoin the main road. The distance between the two junctions when traveling over the bridge is close to 200m. At 1:50000, the slight flattening of the bend optimistically referred to by some, scales 50m at most so it cannot represent the road across the ford.

The correct answer to the question is Bridge. It was thought by the Clerk of Course & Checker to have been quite straightforward and was never intended to have been sneaky or to have required the level of analysis that has since taken place.

Final results 2000hrs Friday 12th August.