Preparations are well under way for the Mafeking Mayhem. The Rallysprint course is in good condition with almost all tracks available. This means more competitive distance for everyone!

The facilities are excellent with bunkhouses, toilet blocks and showers available for all competitors, service crews and officials. Hot food and drinks will be available in the canteen from 10.30 in the morning until the event finishes. Remember that a proper sit down meal will be provided free of charge for all competitors and officials.

At this stage it is anticipated that all competitors in the Rallysprint will get at least 2 runs in each direction with a minimum distance of approximately 2.5Km in each run. Depending on entries we may have 3 or even 4 runs in each direction!!!

The Night Touring Assembly is being course checked this weekend.

We are not trying to get you lost, the odd missed via (you won’t know you have missed it!) will do nicely.
The roads are generally smooth shire roads with the very occasional and short “grotty”. All maps will be 1:50,000 so it will not be too difficult for plotting.

We will be handing out instructions with plenty of time to plot the entire event and throughout we will be using the large HRA info boards as they are much easier to see at night.

Get your entries in early for a great day (and night) of motorsport.

Supplementary Regulations for Mafeking Mayhem are now available - click HERE