2011 Alpine Vehicle Eligibility

As stated in the July HRA Magazine, we forwarded our application to ARCom to vary the vehicle eligibility regulations to include those complying with Schedule R for this year’s Alpine.
As I write this we have not yet officially been informed in writing, however our information is that it was refused. We also believe that NSW and maybe Queensland requested basically the same thing, and they too were denied.
Therefore no Other Rally Vehicle (ORV) category will be offered for the 2011 Alpine Rally. All cars must conform to HRC, CRC, PRC and Club Car Regulations to be allowed to run.
There is possibly a way some ORVs may compete but it will be up to their owners to do the work, the organisers have enough to do running the event. To explain: a week before the ARCom Meeting that made the decision, an email was received by the HRA from Col Trinder, ARCom chairman, that stated the following:
“I think the general rule is that the Commission is comfortable with the level of modification provided for in the CRC regulations. It is unlikely there would be agreement to step back from that to permit the degree of modification allowed under Schedule R as a blanket rule.

“However, the Commission would consider dispensation for any specific vehicle on a case by case basis. For example, I think anyone can make a good case for genuine historic vehicles that complied with the Group G regulations in their day. They would just need to demonstrate that they were genuine vehicles logged booked at the time (since we do not want anyone specifically building a new vehicle for just the Alpine to old Group G regulations). If there is a specific vehicle that does not quite meet the requirements of the CRC or other regulations but is within the spirit and intent of what you think is reasonable seek a dispensation from ARCom as soon as you become aware there might be an issue. Don’t seek dispensation for anything that has been modified to a ridiculous extent – V8 sports sedans won’t cut it.”

The organisers are in one accord with ARCom in that we too do not want Sports Sedans for the event, cars must run with all panels in place and bumpers, front and rear.
As can be seen by the email, it suggests the organisers should seek the dispensation on a case-by-case basis when entries start arriving.
Until a car goes through scrutiny it is very difficult to place it in its correct category. We are relying on the entrant to supply all the correct information before then, so if you feel your car is outside the nominated categories and would fail scrutiny and you want to run in the event, it will be up to you to approach ARCom for dispensation. Interstate crews should be very aware their cars will be checked before the start and if it does not comply you will have wasted a lot of money getting yourself there only to be told you’re not eligible and can’t start.
We have done all we can as the Regs will be out 17 days after I have written this, which will be 11 September. The above conditions will apply to all vehicle entering the event, including those in the invited class. There can be no exceptions.
At the present we have over 250 expressions of interest, so be warned, start getting your details together as there are no guaranteed entries this year, it’s first in best dressed, so good luck.
Due to the heavy rain and flooding in East Gippsland over winter, we have had to modify the route slightly with a reduction in Stages to 24 and kilometres to around 440 competitive.
At present we are “on hold” awaiting replies from the authorities, then the release the of the Supp Regs, and then the fun begins.