Millard Memorial Trial 25th of February

After much behind the scene work with thanks in particular to Gary Brown from SEAC, the Kath and Graham Millard Memorial Trial will now be run on the Saturday. This means that it will count as round one of the HRA Club Championship.
SEAC has also found a suitable COC after Kevin Millard was unavailable for this role due to pressure of work, the road director will be Kim Barclay as previously.
The event format; night in Cobbobonee and daylight in Annya but a very good chance it will be map reading on the night division, daylight will be fully route charted of course.
There will be the usual Khanacross at the start and as well as having a run for the first stage of the trial you will be able to enter this event as well.
Otherwise there are plenty of things happening at the Heywood Wood Wine and Roses Festival.
Accommodation is tight at Heywood but plenty available at Portland which is 20 minutes away.
This is a great area of the state to visit so hope to see you down there at the end of February.
Supp regs available soon.