Melway Meander / Broadbent’s Boogie

Sunday 12th February 2012.
Round 1 of HRA Touring Championship.
Our first competitive event for 2012 will begin in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs and traverse what was generally semi-rural areas in the era of Broadbent’s Maps and Melway Editions One through Five.
To provide a reasonably even degree of difficulty for Rookies and Experts alike we intend having separate maps with similar instructions: -
Rookies and Novices will have Melway Map copies. Intermediates and Experts will have a Broadbent’s Map only.
Period photographs will be supplied, where available, to help you to identify certain Via Points. In the instance below we might ask.
What brand of petrol is currently sold at the store generally South East of the intersection of Clegg Rd and Monbulk Rd? (Melway Map 120 D2)