Club meeting and A.G.M. Wed 8th February – East Malvern R.S.L.

Stanley Grose Drive, East Malvern Melway map 60, reference A12

The A.G.M. will Start at 8 pm and dinner is available from 6:30 pm.

The normal HRA meeting will follow the A.G. M. Meals range from $16.50 to $25. All members and friends most welcome. Wear your HRA name badge! As usual, short rally films and pictures may be shown during dinner and at the break in the middle. It’s not too late to consider standing for committee to steer the HRA in its 20th year. If you’d like to know what is involved on being on the committee, please call any committee member who will be only to pleased to fill you in. (Nomination form HERE)

RAFFLE - Don’t forget, the first 2 names drawn at each meeting’s raffle go in to the huge give-away at the December 2012 meeting. Once again there will be a Red Balloon day voucher, some classy garden art from BSA, Christmas hampers and store vouchers. It’s worth going in the draw for. But you can’t get in the draw if you don’t come to a meeting. HRA gnome # 52 will find a new home. HRA pocket gnome #10 will also find a new guardian.

If you have something that would make a suitable raffle prize at the next meeting, please contact Rob Cranston.