Are you an “April Fool”?

HRA Navigation Exercise - 1st April 2012
Are you an “April Fool”? Find out!
The HRA is again running its fun Navigational Exercise based in East Malvern.

As in previous years this is a simple exercise designed to introduce new navigators to the various styles of navigation you are likely to encounter in Touring Assemblies, Touring Road Events and even Experts Trials.

The event will be run under a CAMS Social Event Permit so no special licences will be required (the driver must have a valid civil licence). No special car is needed and the only item recommended – other than pencils, a very large eraser, some sort of mapboard or
clipboard etc – is a compass.

The event will start at 10.00am and finish with a barbeque lunch in the car park opposite the East Malvern RSL and use the roads in the area bounded by Warrigal Road, High Street and the Monash Freeway.

Once again we will have experienced navigators on hand to help you with interpreting the instructions and transferring the course onto the provided map. We will also endeavour to have a few experienced people at some of the specified via points should you be having problems.

Please note that this is not a competition but rather an opportunity to learn the basics of map reading and navigation. The maximum permitted speed for the entire course is 50 KPH.

Supplementary Regulations will be available on the HRA website soon.

For further information:
John Ellis – Clerk of Course – rallycom AT
Rob Cranston – Event Secretary – classicstatue AT