2012 Nav Exercise

Start and Finish in the car park opposite the East Malvern RSL, Stanley Grose Drive, East Malvern.

This is an opportunity for new competitors to learn the basics of rally navigation. Remember this is not a competition, there is no reward other than “bragging rights” and the knowledge that you have started learning the mysteries of rally navigation.

As in previous years we will have expert navigators at the start to assist you with plotting and working out the route. As well we will have experts at manned passage controls on the route for further assistance should you need it.

Book in is available from 9.00am with the first car starting at 10.30am. We expect all cars to be finished by 1.00pm

A barbeque lunch will be provided along with tea and coffee.

An entry fee of $25 per car will be charged to cover expenses.

All the roads used are normal suburban roads, please respect the local resident’s rights to peace and quiet.

The speed limit for all the roads is 50 KPH, please keep your speeds below this limit.

Please obey ALL road laws especially STOP and GIVE WAY signs.

WATCH for other traffic carefully, pull over and let all traffic pass you.

The area used for this exercise is bounded by High Street in the North, Warrigal Road in the East and the Monash Freeway in the South and West. You are not required to cross over or use any of these roads.

We have not set out to get you lost but rather to learn how to enjoy the challenges of navigation.

We have designed this exercise to introduce you to a wide variety of navigation styles. You can expect to encounter most or all of these in any navigation event.

You will be challenged by a variety of navigation styles including conventional 8 figure grid reference plotting, a route chart, and a stick chart.

You will be required to plot unmapped roads and scale distances accurately.

You will be required to record any “Information” put out to confirm you have travelled via the correct route.

The most important thing you will learn is to READ the instructions, then read them again. Make sure you fully understand what they are telling you.

When you have plotted a Via, check that it is logical, check that you are not going against rally traffic (unless specified in the instructions).

In navigation events, close enough is not good enough, be very accurate, Informations can be as close as 10 metres on another road.

Join us for a fun and informative Sunday morning.

For further information contact Rob Cranston:
9563 0977 or president@hra.org.au