2012 Jim Maude Memorial Experts Trial

The EXPERTS Trial - the last of the Dinosaurs

Saturday July 21 - Heathcote

Round 5 of the HRA Rally Championship

An event so steeped in history that it makes history look like a child. First run in 1947 by the Light Car Club and not conducted since 2002. lt was a round of the Victorian Rally Championship until 1977.

Stuart Lister claims this to be the LAST EVENT HE WILL EVER RUN!

Start reeling off the names of the very best Rally Champions since 1947 and it’s those names that are on the winners board. Harry Firth, Stan Jones, Graham Hoinville, Geoff Russell, Don Opie, Reg. Lunn, Bob Watson, Tony Roberts, Geoff Thomas, Peter Haas, Jim McAuliffe, Geoff Beaumont, Garry Harrowfiled, Geoff Boyd, Geoff Byron, Frank Kilfoyle, Mike Osborne, Doug Rutherford, Portman, Runnalls.

Think of this as possibly the last time that an Experts will ever be run by a group that were involved with it when it was in
its heyday and recognised as the toughest event on the calendar. The event will be difficult, but not impossible and you
may never, ever get a chance to do one again. It would be a shame for an event like this to go out with a whimper, so come
along and make it go off with a bang!