Mafeking Update

To everyone planning on entering Mafeking Mayhem. We now unfortunately only have the one track, however like Bagshot it is 3.9Km long. The second track that was planned to be used has suffered too much damage from rain (and the Rovers) and as such has been deemed not suitable and more than a little too dangerous for us and our cars. This decision was made on Saturday just gone when Rick and I went and did the course check.

We are sorry for the disappointment, we were looking forward to running two tracks as much as most of you were. We now anticipate that as with Bagshot we will run the track forwards and then run backwards.

This does however make it a lot easier for you to have multiple entries and swap seats with your navigator.

Supp Regs for this years Mafeking mayhem Are now available on the events page, click HERE

Chris Ellis
Event Director Mafeking Mayhem