13” x 6” rims Escort Mexicana

For a 4 door car: 2 back and front doors

For a 2 door car: mk1, 2 bonnetts, 2 boot lids, 2 left hand door and 1 right hand door
bumper bars (2 full sets), spare fuel tank, gear box 4 speed, 1x1600 cc engine
4 front wheel struts, hubs & springs

Body parts
Door handles, tail light sets, head light sets, assortment of lamps, glasses, tail light chrome parts, windscreen glass & wipers, side glasses, door glass, rear window, mirror (inside and outside) heater parts and two heaters.

Assortment of guages. Steering parts and fixtures.

Telephone Bob 0438 464758 (03)5782 0307
(pick up Kilmore Victoria)