Advanced Notice - Barry Ferguson Classic

Hi Guys, the note below is from Winton Broclebank. This is an event that could forge stronger links between the HRA and the Classic Rally Club in NSW, which would be a good thing. If we could give it some pre publicity in the magazine and on the web site, I will obtain full details from Dave Johnson when he returns from the US. It is probably sufficiently clear of the BP dates to allow people to recover.
Cheers, Bob Watson

Supp regs for the Barry Ferguson Classic not yet available, however the event is scheduled to be run on the weekend of 25 /26 May. It will start in Yass ( a Victorian friendly locale in terms of travel) then overnight in Wagga Wagga and finish in Goulburn mid afternoon on Sunday. It is scheduled to cover some 800km of “good touring roads “ a mixture of gravel and bitumen. “Maps will be authentic maps from the 60’s” ( generally 1:250,000 series a la BP) which are provided with route instructions. Competitors are required to as far as possible follow the route as mapped. I would liken this event to the Rich River run by Steuart Snooks. A solid navigation test run on interesting rural roads but not a speed event. Bring the HRA “guns” North of the Murray!
Regards Winton