Alpine Rally 2013 - update

Following on from the earlier information from Owen, here are some further details on this year’s event that we the organising team think you will find helpful.
The following information will impact you in the lead up to and during the event, so please read and understand this information.
Registration will open on the 29th of June and as in previous Year’s it will be a “Closed to Club” event, meaning that all competitors will need to be a current and financial member of the HRA at the time that the entry is received. You do not need to be a member to register but your entry will not be accepted until both crew are HRA members.
A Vehicle eligibility form will be required to be completed before your registration is accepted, this form will be passed to an eligibility committee set up by the organising team to ensure that all cars meet with not only our requirements but all requirements set out in the CAMS Manual, until the completed eligibility form is received you will not be recorded as being registered, so fill them in early. These forms will form the basis of your eligibility at scrutiny.
The event is open to all categories, H68, H81, P81, PRC Modern, Classic Rally Cars and Club Rally Cars, all categories to be pre 1999, 2 wheel drives only. No 4 wheel drive or forced induction cars will be allowed except at the discretion of the organisers, these cars will run in the invited class only and will not be eligible for outright or overall awards.
Supp Regs will be available in early September with entries opening on the 7th of September and closing on the 19th of October, entry numbers are reduced to 100 cars with 15 reserves, and a proposed entry fee of $795.00. The entry fee is in a state of flux at the moment as we continue to revise the event budget.
We are still looking to replace some of the support that was expected, so the final entry fee will be stated in the Supp Regs. We will keep the entry fee as low as possible but we also need to cover the Clubs expenses.
One important point in relation to the number of entries, we have budgeted on 100 entries, we cannot afford to go under this number, so please think carefully before putting your entry in. To explain our decision, in 2011 we were going to run 110 cars but we got to 130 entries very quickly, so we decided to run 120 plus 10 reserves, knowing that there would be dropouts, as we budgeted for 110 cars we knew our finances would be ok, we eventually had 18 dropouts, and 112 cars started, above our budget, so all ok.
In dropping our numbers this year, and there will be no increase, we must therefore guarantee that we have 100 entries to ensure that we cover the expenses and keep to our budget.
We will accept 100 entries plus 15 reserves, as cars drop out the reserves will take their place and they will be refunded according to the conditions set out in the Supp Regs, when we reach our 100 any entry that withdraws after that will NOT, repeat NOT, receive any refund, however, they can transfer the entry position to another eligible competitor and recoup some or all of the entry fee, so as stated previously, please think carefully before putting you entry in. Sorry, but there will be no exceptions.
The post event dinner tickets have, in previous years, caused a huge amount of grief, so this year will have stringent guidelines. This year’s format is as follows: with complete details in later instructions.
Two Tickets will be issued to competing crews for their use, these are not refundable, however they are transferable, if you can’t use them please pass them onto someone who will. In previous years a number of our key officials have missed out so this year we are setting aside tickets for them, this means that there will be fewer tickets available on the weekend and once the limit has been reached there will be no more available. So if you would like additional tickets, please get in early and pre-order you tickets. Note: Once purchased these are also NON refundable, again you are welcome to transfer them.
The way that this year’s event has been set up, it has been difficult to accommodate spectator points, there will be one point on Friday, one on Saturday morning, two on Saturday afternoon, One on Saturday night and Three on Sunday.
This also cuts down on our need for officials, for which every event struggles, so if you would like your own private spectator point during the weekend, why not consider being an official, you’ll catch all the action at close range and you won’t have to battle the crowds.
Scrutiny will see another major change. Melbourne scrutiny will be held at the new premises of one of the HRA’s most durable sponsors….. Performance Exhaust. These new larger premises promise to offer a seamless flow of 60 or so cars through scrutiny. As in previous years Melbourne scrutiny will be on the Saturday prior to the event and a free spit roast will be there for all to enjoy.
All regional and interstate competitors not reporting for scrutiny in Melbourne must report to scrutiny at Lakes Entrance on Thursday Night (28th of November) The location will be advised in the Further Regs.
To ensure that your car is ready for scrutiny you may find it beneficial to have a local scrutineer go over it, however, any car that does not complete Melbourne scrutiny on the 23rd or Lakes Entrance scrutiny on the 28th will not be allowed to start the event, and as previously mentioned, this may mean that you forfeit your entry fee.
The Forestech complex has been closed due to funding cuts from the TAFE system, however, we have negotiated to use the complex as HQ for the event. It will be open from Thursday to Sunday night, the same as in previous events and as there are no students there now, all the parking restrictions have been lifted and all areas are available.
Both the motel and the Tambo Lodge across the road from Forestech have changed hands and will be unavailable for the foreseeable future, so you will need to book your accommodation somewhere in Lakes.
As an aside, Friday prologue will start from Forestech, Saturday start is in Myers St Lakes Entrance and the Sunday Start will be from the Foreshore carpark in Lakes..just for a change.
This year’s event is a return to the Alpines of old and promises to be an event for the stayers rather than the sprinters.
We have included many longer stages with the average stage length at the moment of 24kms, our longest stage is 46kms with 8 stages in excess of 30kms, 4 more over 20kms and another 4 over 15kms. Friday’s prologue stages are naturally quite short in comparison.
There were lots of comments on the service areas at the last event, naturally the rain caused havoc at these grassed areas, however, we are in the wilds of East Gippsland and unfortunately they don’t build paved carparks that cater for 100 or so competitive cars plus there service cars, so we will have to put up with what we have.
We will again be using Orbost, Cann River and Nowa Nowa as our major service areas and Division breaks, considering the number of comments on the Bellbird service area, we have dropped it from this year’s event, hooray some might say, but while trying to find an alternative during our survey’s we were unable to find any other area of consequence to replace it, this now means that competing cars will have to go from Orbost to Cann River 140kms and from Cann River to Orbost, about 150kms without servicing in between.
The longest run without service/refuel will be 150kms, this is made up of 100kms competitive and 50kms of transport, so please ensure that your car can travel this sort of distance on a tank of fuel.
Wheelspin has always been a talking point so we are putting some effort into this. All the necessary paperwork will be de be supplied to the control officials this year and we will be backing this up with the use of a Video camera at every start location to record the start of all vehicles, hopefully this will remove all argument’s and the Stewards can make their decision based on the facts.
In previous years we have restarted faster cars back into the field in a location relative to their speed, after reading the post 2011 survey, it was apparent that there were a number of disgruntled crews. This year’s committee has discussed many of the points from the survey in an effort to give you a better event, and as we are looking to return towards an Endurance event we will no longer be re-seeding cars back into the field after an “Off” or mechanical issues.
Your position in the field for Saturday’s start will be based on the results of Friday’s prologue. At the end of Saturday night’s division, for the start of the Sunday division. Any crew that falls out of the event and wants to restart again must follow the procedure’s set out in the regulations. Failure to follow these procedures will NOT be allowed re-start.
In keeping with the direction of this year’s Alpine, it will be a requirement that crews must complete at least 80% of the course to be classified as a finisher.