Greetings to all The 2DAYTA is happening on the 20th & 21st of July. Anyone wishing to participate will find Supp Regs HERE.

In the meantime here are some details--Saturday---commences at the Ballarat LCC rooms at 8.30 am for division 1 which is a 200K run through forests/open farmlands with a variety of road surfaces ending at Maldon after 4hours of driving.

Division 2--Saturday pm kicks off in Maldon -first car away at 1.30 with another 4hours and 200K's back to the LCC rooms where the club BBQ and Bar will be available--again you will experience a wide variety of road surfaces.

Sunday brings Division 3 which again starts at the LCC rooms with breakfast available with the first car leaving at 9.30 for a 1.30pm finish. Sunday probably has more bitumen roads than Saturdays divisions.

The directing team has chosen to use Gravel roads in preference to bitumen roads as it keeps competitors off busy Hwys especially when searching for that elusive via!!

All vehicles are welcome including 4x4's even EVO's and WRX's however all 4x4's will start towards the rear of the field as they may be of assistance to other crews.

While nothing is mandated -apart from a RW vehicle with seat belts for all occupants--we most strongly suggest that your car is fitted with a ACCURATE COMPASS as well as an ACCURATE TRIPMETER

The entire event was surveyed in my R31 Skyline on radial tyres and without a sump guard-what we are trying to say is that you can do the event in any vehicle providing that you DRIVE TO THE CONDITIONS.

While ALL maps will be supplied we appreciate that some modern vehicles are fitted with GPS devices that cannot be disabled and in this regard we expect that competitors will comply with the spirit of the event--However the carrying of ANY MAPS is forbidden and the use of these maps may result in exclusion. Mobile phones are permitted as these will enable crews to contact the Directing Team in the case of accident/becoming lost/ bogged or broken down- a Sweep car will be following the last car on the road.

We have decided to make the event a positive scoring event--that is you get points for what you find and NOTHING for what you dont--At passage controls correct entry is 30 points a WD is 10 while a miss scores ZERO. To ensure that all competitors complete as much as they can in their 4 hours a time is given to each competitor which tells them the time that the finish control closes for them. Providing a crew arrives at the finish on or before their control closure time they will receive a bonus 200 points--failure to arrive at the control before it closes ZERO and zero for the entire division.

Once again TIME MANAGEMENT is critical and to help crews we're put extra directions in the route instructions to remind crews of where they should be at that time and directions to get you back on time.

You may enter for all 3 divisions at $150--2 divisions for $110 and 1 for $70--full details will be included in the Supp regs.
A reminder that for the HRA Touring Championship this event has extra points.

So keep July 20/21 available head to Ballarat enjoy up to 600K's of FUN and don't forget to pack--


Lets get those entries coming in---The DIRECTING TEAM FRED,PETER and ROB