Rallye du Mont Col - 17 August 2103

Work is plowing ahead for the inaugural DAVIDSON AUTOMOTIVE RALLYE du MONT COL.
George Davidson (Jnr) has offered sponsorship for the event.

Here is the event schema:
- Fully route-charted transport sections
- Fully map reading competitive stages timed to the minute on NON-Access Controlled Roads (i.e. no road closure)
- Some double use controls
- Several lots of double use of more major roads
- Map for each stage supplied as part of the bound booklet.
- Maps will be 1:100,000, 1:50,000 and other odd values to suit making the map fit the page.
- Distance scaling will not be required; but scales will be advised in Further Instructions, for those who really want to know what they are.

This is because all competitive maps will be annotated with:
- control and via locations and their directions of entry (i.e. the current jargon is “pre-plotted”); AS AT THE TIME OF PRINTING!!
- intersection to intersection distances (not necessarily between every mapped and unmapped junction);
- road names as signposted, including as many as possible that are off the route for those who go mapping;
- there will be NO contours or water courses shown on them, so crews used to full topographical maps for navigation will have to provide their own.

There will be no restriction on paper maps. Sat Nav won’t be allowed. Phones and two-way radio may be carried for safety purposes.

Touring Assembly – TA component:
You may enter one or both components of the event. You may choose to use a different vehicle for each component if you wish.

Remember, we always need officials before and during the event, and because I live in Ballarat and Geoff lives in Adelaide; both needs will be greater than for a Melbourne-based crew.

The event email address is RallyeMontCol@hra.org.au

George Davidson (Snr)
Clerk of Course
2013 Rallye du Mont Col