Victoria Cross Rally - October 5 2013

During the early 1980's The Christian Autosports Club of Australia ran a very popular event called the Victoria Cross Rally. It started off being run in the Toolangi area then moved into the Mt Disappointment forest. This is where I became acquainted with it while navigating for Doug Fernie. Even though the event was only run 5 times many people remember it fondly and now associate it
with the Mt Disappointment forest.

So it is with great pleasure that the HRA has decided to resurrect this event in a forest that hasn't been used for over 10 years. Part of the reason for this forest not being used is that it was extremely badly damaged a few years ago in the Black Saturday fires and the DSE has had some tight usage restrictions on the forest.

For those of you not familiar with Mt Disappointment it is a relatively small State Forest area bounded by Whittlesea to the south Kinglake West to the east, Wandong and the Hume Freeway to the west and Strath Creek to the north and is only 1 hours' drive up the Hume from the city.

The event is fully route charted and tuliped and we have selected only the very best roads in the forest (see Golly's photos). There are 2 divisions of 5 stages each. Total distance is 161 kms of which 91 is competitive. Start and finish location is the Strath Creek Hall. The service park will be at a location called No.1 Camp and service crews will be kept entertained with a spectator point within 100 metres of the service park which cars will visit twice in opposite directions.

First car is scheduled to start at 18:45 and should be finished by approximately 23:00. There will be catering provided by the Clonbinane CFA at the service park and a Peter Fraser spit roast will greet competitors as they finish

As this event is only 7 weeks before the Alpine we have decided to use the same timing system as used in the Alpine known as Special Stage timing. This is a system that has similarities to (and differences from) both the A to B timing system used in Victorian club rallies and the A to A timing system used for most other events in Australia. This way competitors can get a bit of practice in the car as well as making sure they understand the timing system before the Alpine.

If you have any questions, or better still would like to help out on the night please contact Owen Polanski on 0447 579 439 or opolanski AT