RALLYE du MONT COL postponed

It is with regret that, after consultation with the HRA Committee of Management, I have to postpone the inaugural DAVIDSON AUTOMOTIVE RALLYE du MONT COL on physical grounds. Because the area to be used was subjected to EXTREME fire danger deep into APRIL, it was not safe to survey the area in a timely manner, until then, and then Ballarat had three heavy downfalls of rain which, in a normal winter, would have flooded some of the roads to be used.

Fortunately, it was not very wet up there, and surveying was done in a short time frame. But being so far behind a prudent time schedule made things difficult. Being retired and local, it was easier to catch up time; but I couldn’t quite catch up to the schedule. Close; but not quite enough.

Hopefully, the event can get a date later this year, or in next year’s calendar. I would love to see the event run.


George Davidson
Clerk of Course