2DAYTA - 3 x championship points available!

The HRA Committee has agreed to allocate points for the HRA Touring Championship for EACH LEG of the 2DAYTA, so anyone entering the whole event will be in an excellent position to do well in this years Championship, CLICK HERE for sup regs.

With only a week to go entries are dribbling in but to make the 2DAYTA a success we need at least 15 entries--we're almost there but still require a few more.

Following the course check, each leg has been shortened a little and more time has been allocated for plotting at the start of each leg. As there is NO restriction (up to the legal capacity of the vehicle) on the number of crew members, this is a opportunity for crews to swap places - Drivers become navigators etc - over the three legs.

Recent runs over the course have shown that the roads are in excellent condition unaffected by recent rain-with signs that dust isn't all that far away.

So come on up and spend next weekend in Ballarat, travel over some of the best roads in the region, collect points in the Touring Championship for each leg completed and enjoy the hospitality at the Ballarat Light Car Club rooms at the end of each day.

You know you want to do it!!!!

The Directing Team