Standard Car Class for 2014

Hi all. We announced at the last HRA club meeting that in 2014 we would be introducing a Standard Car Class to our events and here are the series regulations.
The intention of the class is to try and bring a cheaper form of rallying to the club.
We all know that our competition costs are rising and we hope that we may attract members back into our fantastic sport.
We also propose that the class will be made into a series with trophies awarded at year end.
Participants will need to register for the series...please send an email to
"classicstatue AT" with  driver and car details.
Please contact Rob Cranston by email or 03 95630977 / 0414560688 if you have questions.

Historic Rally Association
Vehicle class / series proposal
Standard Car Class (SCC)

SCC series to be run over the course of one year and would consist of 3 Touring Road Events…Blue Ribbon Rally, Rallye Du Mont Col and Ivans Folly.
2 Autocross events (Dates TBA but most likely Avalon and Kyneton venues) and Bagshot Rallysprint.

Classes within the SCC would be aligned in years of age to the current HRA classes ie pre 1968, pre 1981, pre 1986 and in addition a pre 1999 class. Classes designated as A, B, C and D

Points to be allocated after each event with end of series trophies to be awarded in each of the four categories for first place only.

Modifications to vehicles…..Very limited.

Engine basic components ie Engine block, Crankshaft, Cylinder head, Camshaft, Carburettor and Exhaust manifold to remain unmodified and as supplied by the vehicle manufacturer and as per the vehicle ID plate.

Same applies to Gearbox and Differential.

Turbo and 4 WD vehicles not permitted.

Suspension…change of shock absorbers (original type only ) and springs allowed.

Sump guards allowed.

Tyres….Road tyres only for the Rallysprint and Autocross…Rally tyres for the TRE’s…Wheels…original manufacturer size only.

Brakes….change of pad and lining material only allowed

Interior…Rollcage can be fitted. Items such as rear seats, carpet etc can be removed.

Seat belt can be original (lap sash ) or a full harness option.

The Spirit of this class is to bring back low cost rallying and anyone deemed to be trying to gain an advantage through spending big $ will be removed from the series.