HRA Standard Car Class

Hi all. I would like to thank all HRA members for their interest in a Standard Car Class.
I have received valuable feedback which indicates support for the idea to get some people back into the sport.
It has been acknowledged that rising costs of competing are a major factor in the diminution of our event fields.
Hopefully this HRA initiative will go some way to reversing the trend.

I am pleased to announce that the HRA Standard Car Class Series has a sponsor.
Thank you to Russell Opie and the crew at Kingswood Country Spares for donating funds for the series trophies and for stickers to be placed on all SCC vehicles.

New Used Restoration


p: 03 9532 5806

The original rules for the class and the series can be found HERE
Those rules are still valid however it seems that there are quite a few rally vehicles out there that are close to the SCC rules but have one or two modifications that do not make the vehicle eligible for the SCC.
In order to achieve our original aims with the class we have come up with a simple points penalty system to allow those vehicles to compete in the class.
Put simply if your vehicle has for example a Limited Slip Diff not originally manufactured with the vehicle then that will incur a points deduction of 25 from points earned for the event.
Here is a chart showing the deduction scheme.

Standard Car Class Point Penalty

Modification Penalty

Exhaust Extractors -15
Non Standard Gearbox -20
Non Standard Brakes -20
Hydraulic Handbrake -15
Additional and /or change of Carburettors -25
Locked or Limited Slip Diff -25
Non Standard Wheel Size -15
Non Standard Engine size -30
Suspension Geometry must remain standard within manufacturer tolerances. Exclusion from Class
All Suspension Pick Up Points must remain Standard Exclusion from Class

The above points will be deducted from any points awarded on each event.

If a modification is NOT noted above then that modification is not allowed.

If a vevicle has more than three modifications as per the above chart then the vehicle is not for this class and perhaps should be in PRC.

A clarification on the original rules.
Front seats can be changed...we should never dis-allow the fitting of a safer component.
Exhaust systems from manifold to rear are free. ...most standard exhaust sytems are inadequate for rally conditions.

2014 is a year of trial for this class concept and we will learn as we go however I urge HRA members considering running in the class to keep within the spirit of what we have proposed and give it a go.
Happy to have any feedback directed to myself by email or phone 03 95630977 / 0414560688

Rob Cranston.