Bagshot Rallysprint

Post event update:

Bagshot Rallysprint results are on the right of this page. The trophy presentation will be held at the October HRA meeting to be held on the 10th of October at the East Malvern RSL, Stanley Grose Drive.

Thanks to all who entered and special thanks to all my helpers and the Bendigo Car Club, who supplied the scoring, catering and of course most importantly, the course!  We managed to get six runs in, a bit stressful keeping things moving along with the various on track incidents, I would have scheduled an earlier start if I'd known we'd get 46 entries.

I think next time I would try normal rally timing, this would ensure that a car left the start line every 1 minute.

The event came about whilst talking to Craig Button, president of BCC, during the sub event held there at Bagshot as part of the Ampol Rerun. Apparently the BCC doesn’t have many rally people anymore, which was the reason they hadn’t run a Rallysprint since 2002. The good news was that they would be more than happy for the HRA to run one and they would help out.

I have always enjoyed this event so I agreed to direct it and happily many others had enjoyed this event in the past including some non HRA members who went to the trouble of joining up so that they could once again have a run.

I ran it as a closed to club event so that people could run without a roll cage, in hindsight this was of no benefit. What would be of great benefit, however, is for Rally Licenses not be required, we would have easily had a full field of 60 in that case. With the Bagshot event format this would appropriate, maybe not for Mt Porepunkah where there is more chance of coming to grief.

I’m sure Bagshot will be run regularly in future, so see you next time!



About the event

This event will be run as a round of the 2007 HRA club rally championship.

It will be held on the Bendigo Car Club's property at Bagshot North, about 20 minutes north east of Bendigo.

It uses a combination of the autocross track, off road short course, and other tracks in this Mallee country

It is 5km in length and there will be at least 6 and up to 9 timed runs of the course.

We plan to start at 2-30pm on Saturday and continue through to around 9-00pm.

Navigators can enter in more than one car (the driver must drive the same car throughout the event) so a good way to enter would be in pairs so driver and navigator can swap over when going from one car to the other. In this way you can have twice the number of runs, less standing around

The entry fee is $150.

Please contact Graham Wallis on 0429 939 619 or via email for further information..

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