2013 Alpine Rally - Trophy Recipients

Just a reminder that the presentation for the 2013 Alpine Rally will be held during the Wed 10 April club meeting. The list of award recipients is below. We would like to see as many award recipients as possible at the meeting but we do undersatnd that this may not be possible. Please pass this information along to those recipients that you may know who do not frequent this website. If you are inable to attend, please advise Russell Opie by email.

Alpine Rally of East Gippsland 2013
Trophy and Awards List

Position Driver Co Driver
1st Jeff David Grant Geelan
2nd Alister McRae David Mc Shane
3rd Wayne Hoy Lisa Dunkerton

1st Todd Reed Brian Reed
2nd Bob Watson David Johnson
3rd Ken McDonald Robert Ellis

Grade Awards

A 1st Brett Middleton Andrew Benefield
2nd Luke Sytema Rowan Woollard
3rd Will Orders Hayden Taylor

B 1st Peter Schey Glen Raymond
2nd Leigh Garrioch Sally Schulz
3rd Matt Swan Paul Franklin

C 1st Troy Brendel Samantha Brendel
2nd Bill Cromarty Hugh Maslin
3rd Andrew Paice Kevin Wilson

Car Groups
1 1st John Ellis Adrian Sietsma

2 1st John Rawson Dave Smith
2nd David Officer Kate Officer
3rd Steve Ashton Ro Nixon

3 1st Luke Sytema Rowan Woollard
2nd Carl Stewart Anna Ritson
3rd Peter Houghton Phillip Bonser

4 1st Brett Middleton Andrew Benefield
2nd Peter Schey Glen Raymond
3rd Will Orders Hayden Taylor

5 1st Tim Reynolds Simon Reynolds
2nd Bruce Field Julia Field
3rd Gary Williamson Dave Colless

6 1st Stuart Lawless Darcy O'Conner
2nd Michael Conway Jennifer Cole

Topperformance Awards
H68 Todd Reed Brian Reed
H81 David Officer Kate Officer
P81 Claude Murray Matt James
PM Alan Friend Michelle Canning
Classic Jeff David Grant Geelan
Club Michael Conway Jennifer Cole

Manufacturer Awards

Nissan/ Datsun
1st Neville Whittenbury Dave Rudham
2nd Russell Woollard Andrew Daniel
3rd David Boyd Sam McMahon

European Connection
1st Phillip Donohue David Donohue
2nd Penny Swan Val Swan
3rd Tony Huggins Steph Huggins

Aussie Big Iron
1st Ian Menzies Robert McGowan
2nd Matt Lee Cathy Rainer
3rd Murray Rogers Jason Selmon

Leftover Sons of Nippon
1st Peter Morrison Sue Wasson
2nd Andrei Artamonov Gleb Bonch-Osmolovskiy
3rd Gary Howard Michael Loxton

England's Own
1st Wayne Mason Damian Reed
2nd Kim Harper Chris Ellis
3rd Martin Frendo Shane McKie

Teams Award
Rob Parry Robin Smalley
Russell Woollard Andrew Daniel
Leigh Garrioch Sally Schulz
Ian Curry Sarah Curry
Tony Huggins Steph Huggins
David Lawrence Darren Davidson