Club Permit Scheme - New Application

1. You must be a financial member of the HRA.

2. Obtain a Club Permit Application form from a Vicroads office or the Vicroads website.

3. Fill in the Club Permit Application form.

4. Obtain a normal Roadworthy Certificate. Bring or post, Roadworthy Certificate & Club Permit Application form to one of the HRAs inspector/signatories to arrange for signature on Club Permit Application form. If posting application, you will need to also supply (email) 4 photos of your vehicle (front 3/4, rear 3/4, general engine bay & general interior through drivers door) to the HRAs inspector/signatory for our records.

5. the HRAs inspector/signatory will sign the Club Permit Application form and provide you with an "Official letter from your club/association confirming vehicle safety". This letter will also confirm that you are a financial member of the HRA.

6. Attend a Vicroads office. Present the Club Permit Application form & Roadworthy Certificate, pay the permit fee & collect your Club Permit Plates, New Logbook, Logbook Sticker and Windscreen label.
Note: You do not need to make an appointment at Vicroads. You do not need to present the vehicle to Vicroads. (If you submit your application by mailing it into VicRoads, you will have to wait for the delivery of your number plates)

7. Affix the number plates to the vehicle and the sticker provided to you by Vicroads into your new Logbook. Keep the Logbook in the vehicle. Make sure that you fill in the logbook when you use the vehicle.