From the Road Director:
It is 24 years since I directed an unsealed roads rally of any description. That was the 1990 Begonia Rally VRC, which was to become a 0.5 ARC round the next year, in the hands of Tim Collins; based on the success of 1990. I had to defer 1991 to Tim because of a significant change of employment direction. [I did direct most of the Winter Classic Rallies from their inception in 1997 to 2003; but they were for sealed roads only].

I have watched the changes in rallying over 41 years and agree it is time to run an old fashioned TRIAL in an area that had rarely been used since the times of that Begonia. In Trials, including the Victorian Trials Series (VTS) events back then, the emphasis was on logical navigation; but you could bring your own maps.

This event will attempt to re-create that VTS style; but with everyone having the same physical starting point; marked up maps for every stage [the political level playing field; ah hem]. We are providing pre-plotted maps, with useful intermediate distances, as a minimum along the intended route that complies with the pre-plotted and labelled VIAS. The maps will generally only show roads and tracks, with no key provided for how trafficable they are. There are NO contours, watercourses or most of the other features of topographic maps. [a bit like ©®M.U.M. of a bygone era].

Most sections will have the intended route shown in black (not grey) and slightly wider than other roads of equivalent standard. All of the maps will have relevant road names, as well as lots of sign-posted roads off the route in case crews get it wrong. On the road distances will reach outwards from the intended route, just in case. Arrows ON THE ROUTE will be used to ensure you don’t stray at junctions where a wrong choice of direction could get messy.

You will not need much plotting time, unless an unexpected re-route becomes necessary, but you’ll have 30 minutes to sort yourself out. Transports are route-charted and sometimes there are tulips to help. Competitives are all map reading, using trip-meter and compass (and helpful arrows). Not every metre length of the course is smooth – it is not a tarmac event. There are short pieces with rocky bits; but these will be adequately cautioned. They didn’t upset my standard WRX during surveying. (No sump guard.)

Over 140 km of competitive stages, finishing the event along a glorious logging road!!!! BUT DRIVERS PLEASE DO NOT OVERDRIVE THE ROADS IN THE EVENT, THERE ARE NO ROAD CLOSURES AND SCORING IS TO THE MINUTE
Hope you can enter, or be an official if you can’t run
George Davidson