MOORNAPPA MOUNTAIN RALLY - Saturday 9th August 2014

Round 5 of the HRA Rally Championship
Round 2 of the HRA Classic Forest Series

This challenging event is being held in an area not used by car rallies for over 20 years so everyone should be on an equal footing as far as knowledge of the roads is concerned. Only the locals know more about the area.

We will be based out of the Briagolong Recreation Reserve which will provide a centralized Start / Service / Finish location. Competition will be in the State Forests to the north. For those already geographically disoriented, Briagolong is about 35km north of Sale and about 10km north of Stratford.

The event will be conducted as a closed road, non-special stage rally, run in 2 Divisions. Division 1 will be simple map reading in an area with few roads followed by a 30 minute service break. Division 2 will be over the same equally demanding route but as a tulipped set of stages.

Due to the nature of the area (ie. some big dropoffs along sections of winding roads cut into the hillsides), rollcages and full protective clothing are mandatory for this event. FIV will be on standby.

Supp Regs are now available.

As always we will be looking for volunteer officials for Time Controls and road closure locations. Please contact Officials Co-ordinator John Rawson at tayell @ bigpond. net. au (no spaces) or phone on 9579-5529.

Dave Smith
Clerk of Course
2014 Moornappa Mountain Rally