HRA Kingswood Country Standard Car Class

Hi all. Our second Autocross for the HRA Kingswood Country Standard Car Class took place last Sunday under clear skies at the Geelong Motorsports Complex at Avalon
We were on a 2k fun circuit beside the Airport that had everything you would want in an Autocross track...good variation and it was dry.
The Standard Car Class had 9 cars and 13 competitors and all of us declared at the end of the fifth and final run that this was an excellent day of motorsport.
Competition was close...old scores were re-ignited and settled and I heard "Wow that was great" after many runs.
We had 8 new competitors including three ladies. Welcome to Richard Bos (Volvo), Alan Chambers (Volvo), Keith Winter (Volvo), Graham Wallis (Peugeot)
Kathryn Tolo (Peugeot) Jenny Newsom (Celica), Steph Vella (Celica) and Seb Vella Celica)
The provisional results along with a few pics are below
Highlight of the day was undoubtedly the method of crossing the finish line by Adam Boulter in the Polanski Skylineand we have evidence..!!
Second would have to have been Katheryn Tolo (Wallis) clipping tyres coming onto the main straight and getting up onto two wheels...Graham muttered something but I didn't quite cartch it..!!
All in all a great day and we look forward to getting back there.

Rob Cranston