Yulunga Trial - Provisional Results

Hi All, Thank you for all attending the revival of HDCC’s Premier event the Yulunga Trial, Run by the W.D.C.C . Sorry it has taken a week to get the provisional results out, but there was a lot of info to get through, and work pays the bills so it comes first.
These Results will become final it no protests are received within 72 hours (12.30 pm Wednesday 03-12-14)
1st Outright 1st A Grade John Rawson Simon Brown $150
2nd Outright 1st B Grade Aaron Bowering Ross Shepherd $100
3rd Outright 2Nd A Grade Alan Upton Mark Laidlay $75
4th Outright 2nd B grade Jason Sims Ken Moore $50
6th Outright 1st C Grade Peter Parry Brian Knights $50
9th Outright 2nd C Grade Kingsley Weedon Heath Weedon $50
Directors Award
Dale Cagney Nick Cagney $25. Were to only crew to not WD or miss a Via up until Service and were 1st outright at the service break, although thing went pear shaped from here, top job guys for a 2nd time Navigator!

We Hope you enjoyed the event even knowing the navigation was tough, due to the wide distances crews have travel to get to the event we will endeavour to post your trophy and prize money ASAP, thank you from the directing team

Regards, Kevin Millard

Trophies and Prize money with thanks to Paul Loughnan of European Affair

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Geelong West 3218
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