Kingwood Country Spares Standard Car Series - Rally section!

Hi all.

Well...we are under way in the Kingswood Country Spares Standard Car
Series Rally section.
Thanks to the organisers, Glad and Nick, of the George Woods Rally and
all their helpers.
Roads looked good and according to most it was an enjoyable night.
We started 9 cars which was pretty good considering we had 4 of our
usual players absent.
I took a few pics on the night...sorry I didn't get you all.

Congrats to the following finishers.
Keith Winter 1st SCS home and first Class C
Geoff Ninnes 1st Class D
Laurie Pelech 2nd Class C
Dan Murphy 2nd Class D

Commiserations to the non finishers who all tell me they enjoyed the
experience and will be back.
I think it is good to note that out out those who did not finish there
was only one actual car failure.
The rest were crew issues.

Score sheet attached.

Our next rally event is the Blue Ribbon in the Heathcote Forest on May 9th.
Supp Regs are probably not that far away.

Rob Cranston

HRA KC SCS Rally.xls23.5 KB