Standard Car Series Calendar

The calendar for 2015 consists of:

Rallies - 7 events listed...Series trophies to be scored from 6 events
Details on events can be found on the Vic Rally from

March 28th George Woods Rally
May 9th Blue Ribbon Rally
July 11th Goldfields Rally
September 5th Moonlight Meander Rally
September 6th Drive for Life Touring Assembly
September 12th Tunbridge Trial.
October 3rd Ivans Folly Rally
This makes September rather busy...I have looked for alternative events but nothing shows up on
the Vic Rally Calendar.
Note...the Drive for Life date may change due to its proximity to the Moonlight Meander .

Autocross / Rally Sprint - 7 events listed including Bagshot Rallysprint.
Series trophies to be scored from 5 events.

January 31st Ballarat Autocross
March 8th Pakenham Autocross
April 19th Avalon Autocross
June 13th Kyneton day night Autocross
August 16th Avalon Autocross
October 31st Bagshot Rallysprint
November 15th Kyneton Autocross