George Woods Novice Rally

About the event...
The George Woods Novice Rally
incorporating the Rookies Ramble:

  • is designed as an introduction to rally/trialling for competitors with
    little or no experience
  • sensibly driven road car
  • costs only $140 to enter, good value for around 100 Km of
    competitive sections
  • has navigation by route charts and simple map reading with
    many, many “Wrong Way Go Back” boards
  • has times set to be achievable – provided no navigation errors
    are made
  • is aimed at new competitors; only Grade F (Rookie) and
    Grade E (Novice) crews are eligible for Rookies Ramble awards; Other crews may compete and are eligible for George Woods awards, so long as either:
    • at least one crew member is Grade E or Grade F, or
    • the vehicle is a Standard Car as de ned by the HRA SCS Series Rules
  • encourages family crews, lady crews and young competitors to participate.

So read the supplementary regulations, complete and post the entry form straight away.
See you in the forest.
Glad, Ray, Nick, and other members of the directing team.